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The mission of the First North Carolina Battalion is to faithfully and accurately educate and inform the public about North Carolina’s soldiers and civilians during the American Civil War and to preserve the heritage and customs from this period of history.


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The Battalion is recruiting soldiers, as well as musicians for the fife and drum corps. Contact a member company directly, or let us help by providing some general information.

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150th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher


Gentlemen, the 4th Regiment has the honor of being invited to participate as part of the Confederate forces in the commemoration of the Battle of Fort Fisher on January 17-18, 2015. Colonel Potts will be the overall commander at the event.

At our last convention we voted to make this event a regional event. In light of this invitation only event, Colonel Potts requests that your unit give this event strong consideration.

Below are all the documents forwarded to me by the Fort Fisher State Historic Site. With registration, please note that you are with the 4th Regiment under the command of Colonel Bill Potts. Please note the deadline of December 15 for registration.

Major Tim Greene
Adjutant |1st North Carolina Battalion | 4th Regiment, ANV
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150th Fort Fisher Letter
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Forced to Fight

Forced to Fight - Bentonville Battlefield's 149th Anniversary Program
March 15-16, 2014

Bentonville's 149th anniversary program "Forced to Fight" will bring the realities of war home to North Carolina.

The event will be set in spring 1864. The Third Conscription Act was passed February 17, 1864, expanding the age range from between 18 and 45 to 17 and 50 year old healthy men to serve. Conscripts accounted for about one-quarter of the Confederate armies in 1864-1865. Men whose occupations were more important to the home-front effort were exempt from the conscription act; these included civil officials, rail workers, telegraph workers, river workers, miners, druggists, and teachers.

The event will begin in the yard of the Harper House, as John and Amy Harper look on, a Confederate officer will encourage local men to volunteer before they are conscripted and taken away. The war is becoming more desperate, and is taking a toll on everyone, but the Confederacy needs more soldiers to continue the fight. In this desperate hour, men from the local community will be asked to volunteer for service in order to keep the Confederacy alive. Some hesitation in signing up for service is encouraged, remember, the Confederacy is failing, and many citizens already believe it is a lost cause.

Reenactors are asked to wear a mix of civilian and military clothing. Men that are signing up for service are asked to wear civilian clothing and will change after the enlistment scenario. Men that are currently enlisted and are serving as enlistment officers, guards, and army physicians will wear their military uniforms.

New recruits will march off to their camp of instruction. Once in camp they will get their military uniforms & equipment issued to them. Reenactors should be able to portray new recruits that are being trained for the first time. Mistakes are encouraged during the initial drill, and get better as the demonstration progresses. Spectators, especially children, will be given a chance to enlist as well. They will be drilled after the reenactors.

Program Schedule

  • Enlistment at Harper House 10:30am & 2:00pm
  • Artillery Demo 11:30am & 3:00pm
  • Infantry drill & demo 12:00pm & 3:30pm
  • Townball (19th Century baseball) 12:45pm

Our camps will established in the woods behind the recreated earthworks along the tour trail. As you arrive, take care to utilize the available space to the maximum as it could be limited. The site will be providing wood, water and "facilities".


1st NC Battalion T-Shirts

1st North Carolina Battalion t-shirts are now available for ordering, one for $18.00, two or more for $15.00 each (S up to XL, additional charge for larger sizes). They are available in gray or black.  The left chest has the NC Sunburst design with "1st N. C. Battalion" above and "4th Regiment", "Army of Northern Virginia" below. The back design has the North Carolina Republic Flag with "The Old North State" above and "First at Bethel", "Farthest at Gettysburg", "Last at Appomattox" below. The type used for the text on the back varies between the gray and black design, with the gray having print and the black having script.

To order, complete the order form and send copy of the form with payment to address indicated. The deadline for the first order is February 15th, 2014!



ANV Civilian Group

1st North Carolina Battalion, 4th Regiment ANV Civilians

Date: January 8, 2011

To: 4th Regiment, ANV

From: Pat Hilderman

This is a formal invitation to ALL civilians in the 4th Regiment of the ANV to participate in the newly formed civilian group. This group is being formed in an effort to help further enhance the participation of ANV civilians. It will not in any way change anything that individual groups may be doing with their respective Units. It will enable us to have a voice at the ANV convention, educate ourselves, new people coming into our units and the public about civilian life during the War.

At the ANV convention last November, JoAnn Newton of the 3rd Regiment was appointed ANV Civilian Coordinator. She will be working with the Division in determining what is important for all of our civilians. Things such as resource material, authenticity in camp, help with impressions, demonstrations at 150th's in the upcoming celebration years are but a few of the ideas that she has relayed on to me. I would like to see ALL of our Civilians included in this effort. We are there to help one another just as our men pull together and help one another at events, it is my hope that we can too. JoAnn has indicated also to me that she wants to establish an effective means of communicating with all civilians, so with that in mind if we have civilians from each unit select a contact person and then have one person from all the contacts be the one communicating with JoAnn she would be able to get information out to us in a timely manner. I am willing to be the primary contact person to JoAnn from the 4th Regiment until we can become fully organized and hold an election of officers. There is a lot to be done to get us started and I am willing to do whatever I can to help. There is a lot of enthusiasm to get our Civilians better involved and informed as we move ahead.

I would ask that you PLEASE make sure that ANY civilians in your unit are given this information and have them call me or email me with any questions, thoughts, concerns that they may have regarding this very important effort.

Your Humble Servant
Pat Hilderman
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Upcoming Events

  • Fort Branch
    Hamilton, NC
    November 1-2
  • Annual ANV Convention
    Manassas, VA
    November 7-8


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